About Us

How We Got Started

YardSale.Ng was born to help individuals or families faced with the problem of selling off their household items especially when relocating .

The available platforms for selling off used items were not very responsive with enquiries. Some of them took as long as 5 days to reply an enquiry.

This is the short story that led to the birth of YardSale.Ng

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify , and make it easier for owners of used items to connect with buyers of used items. 

We want to remove the burden of selling off used stuffs from you, and leave you to worry about other aspects of moving homes either locally or internationally. 

Our Programs

We offer different sets of unique programs to enable sell off your items faster than you ever imagined. 

Choose a program and get started, and we will be here to give you all the support that you need.

Yard Sales

We organize physical and virtual YardSales of used items.

This is to offer a lot of flexibility for users of the platform.

Watch our events page for the next upcoming YardSale coming near you.

Making Money from Used Items

You can make a living out of selling used items. The used item industry is quite a growing one.

Join the class and let us show you how.

Donate an Item

When you participate in our Donate a Used Item program, you lend a helping hand to scores of needy persons out there.

We network with charity bodies and churches to distribute these items to those that need them.

Sell, Buy, or Donate a Used Item Today!